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Picture of Dell Latitude E6420 i5 Business Laptop

Dell Latitude E6420 i5 Business Laptop

A very very tough i5 Business laptop.
Manufacturer: Dell
Old price: £1,307.00 (GBP) inc. VAT
Price: £319.00 (GBP) inc. VAT

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Grade A - All of our laptops are Grade A Professionally Reconditioned following our very extensive reconditioning process, matched by no other company in the UK.

The E6420 is designed and built with strength and rigidity to be at a very high level.

The magnesium alloy lid with its brushed steel effect not only looks stunning but will protect the screen from heavy shocks. Try twisting the screen or the metal base with your hands and you'll get nowhere which is more than can be said for all new plastic retail laptops. Go out and try it on some display models and you'll see exactly what we mean.

This laptop has no trouble keeping up with todays standards. Heading out to retail shop with £400 for a new laptop would probably end you up with an i3 processor, flimsy plastic casing and the appaling windows 8 operating system.

Why not save yourself alot of money and get this faster and stronger i5 for less money!

This laptop has a genuine version of Windows 7 Professional, regarded as the next step up from the much loved windows XP which is no longer supported.

Business laptops such as the Latitude model are designed in a comopletely different way from the Inspirons and Studios which are found in retail shops. Reliablility, functionality and speed are a key requirement in business and to aid this the latiitudes have strong steel hinges, rigid chassis, strong power sockets...this list goes on.

We fix retail Dell laptops in our shop every day and it appears that these are designed in a very different way to the business Dells that we sell ie aluminium hinges screwed into plastic screen back lid, weak chassis which you can twist in your hand etc. It seems that looks are more important than longevity.

6GB af RAM is approximately 50 websites open at once before the laptop even starts to slow down. Perfect opening up RAW photographic images.

Its i5 Processor has monster capability and which easily render HD video is real time. Do not confuse this processor with the cheaper i3 found in new laptops which have a heavily reduces amount of Cache memory making them cheap to sell but much slower!

Its huge 250GB hard is capable of holding 30 thousand MP3 files, 60 thousand high quality photographs or 250 HD full length movies.

We supply all of our laptops with a 6 Month hardware warranty and they all come with a brand new genuine\original Dell charger. Watch out for other companies shipping fake\counterfeit chargers with their laptops!

All of our laptop batteries are tested for 1.5 hours minimum which is classed as a good, working battery. Obviously these laptops are not old models and 2  - 3 hours should be achievable depending upon workload.

Products specifications
Processor Intel i5 Dual Core 2.5Ghz
Memory 6 GB
Hard Disk 250 GB
Screen Size 14.1 Inch WXGA Widescreen
Optical Drive DVD+/-RW Writer
Wireless Yes
Network 10/100/1000 Gigabit
Battery Good 1hr+
Operating System Windows 7 Professional (Genuine and Activated)
Other Software Open Office (Compatible with Word, Excel, etc)