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Liquid Damage Repair Derby

Accidents happen and when they do UKSL is here to help.

The steps taken after your laptop has been subjected to liquid can greatly effect its chances of recovery.

The first thing that comes naturally to most people is to turn on the laptop and see if it still works. This is a big NO NO and you will greatly increase the repair costs in doing so.

Water and other liquids conduct electricity and will cause short circuits between components on the motherboard. Short circuits can result in the catastrophic burn out of on board components.

Another effect of water and liquid on a powered motherboard is the electrolysis effect that occurs between metal contacts, tracks and chip legs. Fizzing and corrosion often causes irreparable damage to motherboards very quickly before the power is cut. Power is still running through the motherboard even when the laptop is turned off.

Pull the power Immediately, turn the laptop upside down and remove the battery as quickly as possible.

Leave the laptop upside down preventing liquid from seeping further into the laptop.

Once we recieve the laptop we will perform the following recovery steps:

  1. Laptop keyboard removed and damage inspected.
  2. Laptop stripped down; screen, palmrest, optical drive, hard disk, wifi & 3g cards removed.
  3. Motherboard removed
  4. CMOS battery, Heatsink, Fan, CPU, Memory & any other daughter boards removed.
  5. Motherboard inspected and corroded areas cleaned with alcohol.
  6. Motherboard soaked and cleaned in specialist alcohol solution.
  7. Alcohol swabs used to remove residue from underneith chips.
  8. Motherboard left to dry for 3 - 5 Days
  9. Exterior panels, palmrest and keyboard cleaned.
  10. Contacts on ribbon cables, socket cable connections and daughter boards cleaned with contact cleaner for maximum conductivity.
  11. Motherboard re-fitted into lower casing.
  12. CPU Installed. New thermal compound applied and heatsink & fan assembly refitted.
  13. Memory and power cables fitted, power cable plugged in and an initial boot test is performed using ext. screen.
  14. If successful a new CMOS battery is fitted, all daughter boards refitted, screen installed and Wifi aeriels rewired.
  15. Hard disk etc reinstalled and laptop fully screwed back together.
  16. The laptop is then powered on and default BIOS settings are loaded, time and date set and boot options configured.
  17. Laptop is tested in windows. Each feature is tested in turn for damage ie Wifi conections, keyboard, USB ports.
  18. A memory and processor benchmark is run for several hours to test the stability and to check for any errors.
  19. The Laptop is then externally cleaned and returned to our customer.

With liquid damage, patience is a virtue. We cannot rush this repair and must make sure no water residue is apparent. Moisture can easily sit under chips even when the motherboard looks completely dry.

This is a very time consuming repair although it can be very cost effective on laptops with expensive motherboards costing over £200, sometimes £450 for apple logic boards.

We have a 60% success rate with our liquid damage repairs although this is greatly dependant on how many times the customer attempted to power on the laptop while wet.

We charge £79 to perform all of the steps above and although we do offer a No Fix No Fee service on our other repairs, we cannot apply this to liquid damage repairs.

If the repair is unsuccessful and the laptop remains completely dead we with reduce the cost by half leaving us a £40 charge for our time.