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Apple MacBook Repair and Upgrades Derby

UKSL Have been repairing and upgrading Apple MacBooks and iMacs for over 10 years.

Some of the reasons how we can save you a fortune on fixing your device:

  • We dont charge to diagnose
  • We can give you an instant no obligation Quote.
  • Unlike Apple we can use used and reconditioned parts making your repair even cheaper.
  • We only use Genuine/Original Apple and Apple OEM parts.
  • All repairs are completed in a very short time scale, Our average repair time is 2 days.
  • We dont say NO to 'Vintage' devices
  • All repairs carried out by ourselves in our retail shop premises\workshop. Nothing is sent off elsewhere.

MacBook Pros

If you are interested in upgrading your MacBook Pro or iMac we have access to upgrade parts which are never used by apple themselves. We can fit devices such as SSD's which will boot your mac often to a better spec than a new Apple computer! We can also add memory far beyond the 'Maximum' specification listed by Apple for your device. Some models listed as only supporting 8GB Ram we have successfully and reliably fitted 16GB

iMac Being Repaired


Some common repairs and upgrades that we regularly carry out to our customers MacBook Pro's and iMacs are:

  • Overheating - Strip Down and Fan and Heatsinks Cleaned out - £50
  • Failed Hard Disk Cable on 13" MacBooks - £40 for new genuine cable and £50 Fitting.
  • Failed Hard Disk - New 250GB Hard Disk £35 and £59 Reinstall
  • Failed DVD+/-RW SuperDrive - £65 Fitted (£90 part from Apple)
  • Cracked Glass replacement on MacBook Pro £120 (£350 from Apple)
  • Running Slow - Full Restore with the latest version of Mac OS X - £59
  • Running Slow - Supply and fit 240GB SSD £105 + £59 Restore
  • Running Slow - Upgrade from 4GB to 16GB Ram - £120
  • Broken Charger - Brand New Genuine/Original MagSafe Charger - £50 (£60 From Apple)
  • Dead Battery - £40 Good Used Genuine Apple or £95 Brand New Genuine Apple
Need a quote? Pop into our shop or email [email protected]

UKSL Are not and DO NOT pretend to be Apple Authorised Repairers. We are simply highly skilled technicians with over 16 years experience repairing intricate devices. If your device is under warranty with Apple you may void it by letting us repair your device.

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