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LCD Screen Replacement Derby

UKSL stocks new LCD panels for thousands of makes and models of laptops.

Used screens are also available in Grade A condition which have been reclaimed from unrepairable laptops. A used LCD panel can save considerable expense and is good for the environment.

Before we can give an exact quote for a screen repair we will need to strip the laptop screen down to check the LCD model number and connection type. Sometimes a specific model of laptop may have been built with different LCD panels and pin configurations. We also occasionally see a model of laptop built with either a Cathode backlight or an LED backlight.

Cathode backlight : Used in older laptops, less environmentally friendly due to more power consumption and the fluorescent tube contains mercury. Cathode backlit LCD panels require a separate circuit board located below the screen known as an inverter which charges up thousands of volts.

LED backlight : A strip of high intensity SMD LEDs are used to illuminate the screen. Much more reliable than delicate cathode backlights and no extra inverter is needed. A very low amount of energy is needed to power LED backlights giving better battery life.

LCD Screen TypeUsedNew
7"-8.9" NetBook£65£85
10" NetBook£75£95
12.1"-14.1" 4:3£50£90
15" 4:3£50£90
13.3" - 14.1" 16:9£75£110
15.4"-15.6" 16:9£80£120
17.1" 16:9£100£150